Björn Bebensee

GitHub: @qmdnls
Twitter: @bebensee_
CV: pdf


I am currently a Master's degree student at Seoul National University where I also work as a Graduate Research Assistant in the Biointelligence Laboratory. I'm most interested in machine learning and its applications at the intersection of natural language processing and computer vision. I am doing research on visual question answering and graph representations for better scene understanding. In the future I would like to pursue doctoral studies.

In spring 2019 I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in computer science from RWTH Aachen. I wrote my bachelor thesis on applying hidden Markov models to the problem space of Enterprise Architecture to automate the model creation process using network data. During my undergrad I also did a software project internship with ITERGO doing software development for ERGO Group. I studied abroad at EWHA Womans Unversity in 2017. Feel free to contact me in either English, German or Korean. I also speak some (limited) French.

Research Interests

Neural machine translation, visual question answering, scene graphs

Past conferences attended

AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2020. New York, USA.

Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, 2019. Vancouver, Canada.

International Conference on Computer Vision, 2019. Seoul, Korea.