Björn Bebensee

Email: bebensee [at]
GitHub: @qmdnls
Twitter: @bebensee_
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Good day! I am currently a research engineer at Samsung Research where I work on pre-training large language models. I am broadly interested in how to train better LLMs faster. I also do research on dialogue understanding and published a paper introducing a novel span-based architecture for schema-guided dialogue state tracking

I completed my Master's degree at Seoul National University where I also worked as a Graduate Research Assistant in the Biointelligence Laboratory supervised by Byoung-Tak Zhang. There, I did research on machine learning at the intersection of language and vision. I wrote a paper proposing a co-attentional Transformer for video question answering that was accepted to ICASSP 2021.

Before getting into research I was an undergraduate student at RWTH Aachen where I studied computer science. I wrote my bachelor thesis on applying hidden Markov models to the problem space of Enterprise Architecture to automate the model creation process using network data. During my undergrad I also did a software project internship with ITERGO doing software development for ERGO Group. I also studied abroad at EWHA Womans Unversity in 2017.

Some things about me:


Research Interests

Large language models, i.e. how to train better models faster, and their applications to dialogue and natural language understanding.


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